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Mandala Laptop SleeveSet

Light Blue
Rose Gold
Ultra Violet

Learn to focus and relax with this beautiful mandala laptop sleeve set

Inspired by Indian religions the Mandala Laptop Sleeve Set is a unique piece of our laptop sleeves collection. Relaxing and beautiful, the print on the sleeve will easily make you stand out.

  • Laptop sleeve
  • Laptop charger pouch
  • Material: canvas
  • Zipper closure
  • Available in 6 sizes


Sleeve Size Dimensions Suitable for laptops
11-inch 30x21x2cm 9" to 10.6"
12-inch 30.5x22*2cm 11.6" to 12"
13-inch 34x24.5x2cm 12.6" to 13.3"
MacBook Air 13" 31x2.5x2cm
14-inch 37x25x2cm 14"/14.1"
15-inch 38.5x27x2cm 15"/15.6"


Laptop sleeves

You just got a brand new laptop, you spent hours at home installing your most essentials apps & software (Spotify, Netflix, etc.), your antivirus is up and running, everything is going as planned for you and your new digital partner but the time has come for you to bring your laptop outside. It doesn't matter if you need it in an office, at uni or in a café... you realize that walking around with a laptop in your hands is the most ludicrous and irresponsible way to carry it. Your laptop deserves a sleeve!

A laptop sleeve, a one-time payment insurance

Think about it this way: when you bought your laptop, you probably were offered complimentary insurance (this could be on top of the manufacturer's warranty) to make sure whatever happens to your brand new device, you get compensated or even get a replacement. 

We are obviously warmly recommending you subscribe to an insurance as a broken laptop can seriously hurt your working plans but making sure that you keep it in a perfectly safe but classy laptop bag should also be a priority.

Laptop sleeves are a great means to maintain your laptop safe and shielded from assorted damages that could occur during
transportation and daily usage. They are available in several styles, colors, designs, and they can be utilised to communicate
yourself. They combine characteristics and attributes. They do so while adding no additional weight to your laptop, and almost no
room is used up by them.

What is a laptop sleeve, and also what are the kinds out there?

Laptop sleeves are a case designed to keep your laptop in a slender form-fitting style. These instances are intended to get a more
visual appeal and perform their job fairly well compared to laptop backpacks and other luggage. Laptop sleeves are available in a
variety of types and layouts, such as leather. They have pros and cons.

Sleeves for your beloved laptop are created to fit perfectly on your laptop. When planning to purchase one, make sure to focus on
this brand, create, and dimensions of your laptop. Every laptop has a harmonious sleeve. So, when researching you wish to take

Leather Laptop Sleeves

This sort of laptop sleeve is obviously the most expensive. However, it's hardy and will last for many years of use because it is
made of materials. It also provides a high level of reliability and support. When purchasing a leather sleeve, make sure it's
fabric lining and shield around the zipper to prevent damage to the laptop.

Rubberized Laptop Sleeves

This sort of laptop sleeve was designed to give an intensive layer of security to your device that was expensive.

It is equipped so take care when using the sleeve because the stitching and stitches would be most fragile.

Synthetic Laptop Sleeves

Are you a stylish individual? This one is for you. Artificial sleeves are available in various styles, designs in addition to
colors. The craftsmanship's excellence isn't so high compared to leather sleeves nonetheless, it is regarded as the option. Be sure
to clean it on a regular basis to prolong its lifespan. Neoprene is the material for laptop bags as it can offer watertight

Vinyl laptop Sleeves

This sort of laptop sleeve is designed for the brief term. But it gives the protection from grime and dust. Additionally, it
provides extra cushioning in case of a drop or a slight effect. A good deal of sleeves made from vinyl permits the user to customize
them with decals and all sorts of artwork. This kind of sleeve is not uncommon amongst fashionistas and pupils.

The Benefits of Laptop Sleeves

Laptop sleeves do keep your laptop secure, but they also boost its appearance and feel. Reaching a laptop sleeve is the guarantee
to make an everlasting impression. With all these materials, colours and designs available, there's no doubt you will readily
locate a sleeve which perfectly suits your style. Below are a few of the benefits of buying a laptop sleeve.

* Extra Protection: A laptop is pricey, and since we neglect to back all of our up data, keeping your device protected from any
damage like dust, dirt, scratch in addition to water spillage, investing in a laptop sleeve is wise. This can help you giving
an extra security layer for your laptop while.

* Easy to carry: With a laptop sleeve, it is actually simple that you bring your laptop from one spot to another without facing
any issue. Regardless of whether you're likely to a client meeting or to the workplace, using a sleeve, you are able to carry
your laptop without difficulty.

* Sizes: Laptop sleeves are available in a number of sizes, configurations as well as shapes, therefore irrespective of the
dimensions of your laptop, you may find the perfect fit. Never neglect to check the item's characteristics . You will discover
all of the info you need on the item page.

* Easy to Customize: Purchasing a laptop sleeve can be advantageous since its appearance can be customized by you with ease to.
It will increase the visual appeal and make you stand out.

* Perfect Gift: Today, an increasing number of people use laptops. It is irrelevant if they're utilized for work or leisure, we
must take them out. Giving a laptop sleeve is a method of telling.

How to Buy the Perfect Laptop Sleeves

If you're on the lookout for a laptop sleeve, there are a lot of things that you will need to take into account such as intended
use, the version of sleeve you are after. The screen is clearly the most sensitive portion of your laptop, so make certain the
liner of your sleeve protects it from dust, dirt, and scratches. You are able to boost the lifespan of your laptop sleeve by often
cleaning it.


Every type of laptop sleeve comes in an array of designs and colors, some versions are made in collections allowing you to carry
accessories such as a mouse, a hard disk along with your charger. Laptop sleeves are a wonderful alternative to the typical and
often laptop bag that's just required when you want to take many things along with you. Laptop sleeves investment in one and
arrives with perks is a safe option.