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The Flap Sleeve for MacBook Pro 16-inch

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The Flap is a slim and lightweight laptop sleeve suitable for anyone who needs simple but trustworthy protection for their device. Built in smooth PU leather, this laptop sleeve will smoothly secure your device while offering you a sleek style. No headache to insert or remove your laptop from the bag, simply access it opening and closing the magnetic flap.

  • Laptop Sleeve
  • Material: PU leather
  • Designed for MacBook Pro 16" - A2141 or A2485
  • Waterproof
  • Comes in 5 colors
Laptop sleeves

You just got a brand new laptop, you spent hours at home installing your most essentials apps & software (Spotify, Netflix, etc.), your antivirus is up and running, everything is going as planned for you and your new digital partner but the time has come for you to bring your laptop outside. It doesn't matter if you need it in an office, at uni or in a café... you realize that walking around with a laptop in your hands is the most ludicrous and irresponsible way to carry it. Your laptop deserves a sleeve!

A laptop sleeve, a one-time payment insurance

Think about it this way: when you bought your laptop, you probably were offered complimentary insurance (this could be on top of the manufacturer's warranty) to make sure whatever happens to your brand new device, you get compensated or even get a replacement. 

We are obviously warmly recommending you subscribe to an insurance as a broken laptop can seriously hurt your working plans but making sure that you keep it in a perfectly safe but classy laptop bag should also be a priority.

Laptop sleeves are a great means to maintain your laptop safe and shielded from damages that may occur during transportation and
usage. They are available in multiple styles, designs, colors, and they can even be utilized to express yourself. They combine
characteristics and attributes. They do this while adding almost no weight to your laptop, and no room is used up by them.

What's a laptop sleeve, and also what are the kinds available?

Laptop sleeves are a carrying case designed to keep your laptop in a slender form-fitting fashion. Usually, these instances are
meant to get a more visual appeal and do their job pretty well compared to laptop backpacks and luggage. Laptop sleeves are
available such as leather, rubberized, vinyl, synthetic, and fabric. They all have varied pros and cons.

Sleeves to your beloved laptop are created to fit perfectly around your laptop. When intending to purchase one, be sure to look
closely at the manufacturer, create, and dimensions of your laptop. Every laptop has a harmonious sleeve. So, when studying, you
would like to take your time.

Leather Laptop Sleeves

This kind of laptop sleeve is clearly the most expensive. However, as it's constructed of materials that are superior, it is
sturdy and will last for decades of use. Additionally, it provides a high level of endurance and support. If buying a leather
sleeve, ensure it's cloth liner and protect around the zipper to avoid harm to the laptop.

Rubberized Laptop Sleeves

This sort of laptop sleeve was designed to give an intensive layer of safety to you apparatus.

It is equipped with a zipper opening, so be careful when using the sleeve because the stitching and shingles would be fragile.

Synthetic Laptop Sleeves

Are you an individual that is fashionable? This one is right for you. Artificial sleeves can be found in various styles, designs in
addition to colours. The excellence of the workmanship isn't that high compared to leather sleeves; however, it's regarded as the
choice. Just be sure to clean it on a regular basis. Neoprene is your material for synthetic laptop totes as it could provide
waterproof protection.

Vinyl laptop Sleeves

This type of laptop sleeve is created for a brief duration. It offers protection from dirt and dust. Additionally, it offers
extra cushioning in the event of a minor effect or drop. A whole lot of sleeves made from vinyl permit the consumer to personalize
them with decals and all kinds of art. This type of sleeve is not uncommon amongst fashionistas and students.

The Benefits of Laptop Sleeves

Laptop sleeves do keep your laptop safe, but they also improve its look and feel. Reaching a laptop sleeve will be the guarantee
to leave an everlasting impression. With all these materials, colours and layouts available, there is no doubt you will easily
find a sleeve that suits your personality. Here are some of the benefits of buying a laptop sleeve.

* Extra Protection: A laptop is pricey, and since we neglect to back all our data up, maintaining your device safe buying a
laptop sleeve is wise. This can help you provide an additional security layer for your laptop whilst.

* Easy to carry: With a laptop sleeve, it is simple that you bring your laptop from 1 spot to another without confronting any
issue. Regardless of whether you are likely to a client meeting or to the workplace, with a sleeve, you can take your laptop

* Sizes: Laptop sleeves are available in a number of sizes, configurations in addition to shapes, therefore regardless of the
dimensions of your laptop, you may find the fit that is perfect. Never neglect to look at the item's features . You will

* Simple to Customize: Purchasing a laptop sleeve is also advantageous with ease the way you would like because you can customize
its appearance to. It cause you to stand out and is going to raise the look.

* Perfect Gift: Nowadays, an increasing number of people use laptops. It is irrelevant if they're utilized for leisure or work,
we must take them outside. Giving a laptop sleeve is a method of telling.

How to Purchase the Perfect Laptop Sleeves

If you're on the watch to get a laptop sleeve, there are a number of things that you will need to take into account such as
intended usage, the version of your apparatus, its size and the type of sleeve you are after. The screen is clearly the most
sensitive portion of your laptop, so be certain the lining of the sleeve protects it from dirt, dust, and scratches. You are able
to increase the life span of your laptop sleeve by cleaning it.


Every type of laptop sleeve comes in a range of designs and colours, some models are made in collections allowing you to carry
accessories such as a hard drive, a mouse or your charger. Laptop sleeves are an excellent alternative to the typical and
frequently laptop bag that's only needed when you want to carry things with you. Laptop sleeves arrive with lots of perks and
investing in one is a secure choice.